You better believe first impressions last! Even more so now, in our design-savvy, visual world. There are so many ways to make your shop, reception area, or showroom look impressive, interesting, refreshing and stylish. So let your premises be a showcase for what you do. It doesn’t need to cost a million dollars to look like a million dollars, and we can make sure your interior branding is effective and pleasing while remaining budget friendly.


C-bond wall panels, special cut outs, vinyl stickers; Have a look through the ‘virtual keyhole’ at some of the interiors that have undergone the Alexander Boyd Displays treatment. Our designers enjoy experimenting with many different materials. You can even create your own wallpaper design and send it to us to have it printed on textile, latex, vinyl and more!


Almost nothing is too much trouble in the quest for your self-expression. We don’t just design and produce your branded material, but we can install it as well. So if you want to hang a surfboard up on the wall, put up some thought-provoking wallpaper or decorate a glass office divider, we can do that!