Here at Alexander Boyd Displays, we provide print services for a range of outdoor advertising projects, working with agencies and companies directly to make sure that the quality of their advertisement represents the quality of their brand.

But why invest in outdoor advertising? It’s simple, outdoor advertising builds brand visibility, it gives you the unique opportunity to create eye-catching and transformational displays that target a large audience. A strategically placed billboard in a high traffic area will grab those drivers’ attention as they patiently or not so patiently wait to go home or to go to work. It’s more effective than Television adverts because your audience can’t turn the channel over, and if they are a regular visitor to this area, this transformational advertising technique will firmly plant the seed of your brand and subconsciously start building strategic targeting.


Outdoor advertising increases your campaign’s performance, supporting your direct marketing efforts with a big, bold statement that can’t be missed. Of course, this is where quality design and print comes in; a statement design needs to be followed up by print that embraces and promotes exactly what your brand represents.

There is a wide range of outdoor advertising types, not just the obvious ones, more subtle displays like bus shelters and on transport are extremely effective in building a gradual rapport with a wide audience, they also allow a little bit more creativity as the audience will be interacting with it for longer periods of time. Another important factor to consider is location, choosing a location like an airport or train station will target a wide audience and is ideal for campaign promotion, like our recent Translink project.

Translink Branding

The power of outdoor advertising is reaching target audiences with creative advertising that promotes your brand, but the important aspects is ensuring quality print and design alongside careful placement.

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