Over the decades, we have been involved with hundreds of office refurbishments. From growing, local startups to new locations for a multinational corporation we have witnessed some really creative layouts over the years.

The current climate has required everyone to rethink the workspace design to ensure the safety of staff and customers. With this in mind we put together this post to offer some inspiration on what is possible when it comes to creating the perfect protective space.

We will have you back in the office high-fiving your colleagues in no time…well from a distance.

It all starts at the front door

Your reception and security staff could see hundreds of faces a day, especially if you are in a large office block. The main focus for staff will be to reduce the amount of touch time on doors, buttons and shared equipment.

“If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”


Tall talkers

The use of banners, stands and totems can be very cost effective ways of catching the attention of staff and visitors. They look professional and are durable enough to be moved around. The extra bonus of these items are that the message can be updated to suit the changing environment.

Take your safety to the next level

Stairwells and elevators will need considerations to ensure that distancing rules are maintained. Floor graphics, lift door vinyls and snap frames are great options in this area. They provide exact zones to stick to and the frame posters can be easily updated to cater for changing guidelines.


Changes with the office space will come in many styles. The main features that we expect to be more prominent will include one way systems, safety circles and extra signage. The key will be to keep the message consistent and visible, while subtle options to prompt staff and climents will keep the office looking professional and minimal.
Large acrylic screens will also be common place to help with providing invisible barriers between staff. These are perfect for creating a safe space around your desk and can also double up as a writing wall for creativity or brainstorming. The range can suit all office layouts and furniture with floor level, full length options or freestanding desk designs that provide a sleek, economical alternative.
Hanging signs, strut cards, wall vinyls and other forms of signage will help to prompt and maintain the companies message on one way systems, sanitising and work place safety. These products are cost effective and easy to install with the added bonus that you can update their message when guidelines are changed.


Sanitising stations come in all shapes and sizes dependant on the number of people you expect to use it and how visible you want it to be. They can be branded with company colours and given a bespoke message.

We have also come up with a simple idea that can be implemented across all business sizes. Desk spaces can get messy very quickly so we envisaged a sheet that can be used to sit underneath all of the items you would usually find and act as a safety barrier between the staff members and the desk surface. They can be printed with company colours and the guidelines that are in place to stay safe on site. At the end of the day these can be disposed of and recycled while everything that is on top has to be physically moved which will be another prompt for these items to be sanitised, stored or disposed of.


Over the past century the traditional office layout has changed dramatically. From cramped cubicles that lacked character, light and space, we soon found open plan designs flooding in with their fresh look, team atmosphere and improved culture.

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”


The current climate will see another shift, potentially moving back to a cubical style design but not as restricted. The acrylic screens will maintain staff contact and there will be more contactless setups around the office. It can be confusing to know what the best design will be to cater for everyone. Luckily we are on hand to offer a free consultation on what products will work in your space.

Send us a sketch and we can put a design together for you

A final thought

With such a huge selection of products available, updating your work space to satisfy the safety concerns of your staff and clients can seem quite daunting. With the threat of viruses and contagious diseases not likely to disappear anytime soon it will be vital to have a plan in place to ensure you are on top of the current government guidelines.

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