This product selection gives a showcase of what is possible when looking at solutions for the education sector. Our range can be tailored to suit designs at all levels from Primary to University.
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Primary School Solutions


Lets go on an adventure!

Floor stickers are great, durable solutions to getting children to engage with a given task. This simple idea of getting children to follow footprints can help to ensure they stay to one side of the corridor or follow a one way system.

These vinyls are finished with a high grade lamination that works well in high traffic zones but will not leave a mark when removed.


Safe from the start.

Protective screens and displays will become common place at school entrances. Roll-up banners can be installed to add colourful, informative directions for students, parents and visitors.

Our protective screens come in all shapes and sizes with temporary and permanent designs available.


The floor is lava!

Rope barriers are a great way to separate corridors and zones.

Another option that adds a level of fun is a lava themed graphic that the children are encouraged to avoid. This creates two, one way passages in the corridors.

Glass Vinyls

A clear message.

We can supply a range of stickers suitable for mirrors and windows. These are perfect for promoting hand sanitising and washing in toilets and before entering the building.

College and University Solutions

We have a fantastic selection of professional products for the internal and external areas of secondary schools, colleges and universities. These come in bespoke and off the shelf designs so we can work with you to create the perfect artwork for your requirements.

Core Items

Keep it fresh

Sanitising stations, PVC Banners, Barriers and roll-up stands are core items of our product range. They can be positioned in high traffic areas to help with maintaining cleanliness, boundaries and enforcing your on-site guidelines.

Freestanding Units

A stable message

These units come in all shapes and sizes. We can print the internal posters
that range from A4-A0. From waterproof external signs to Library guidance stands our range will suit any requirement you have.

Vinyl Graphics

Make your message stick

Our vinyl graphics are fantastic for floors, walls and windows. They are durable, bold and can be designed to suit your school layout. Our range
can be tailored to suit any message you want to display.

A final thought

As the classroom and spaces between it change to adapt to the new Government guidelines there is an opportunity to get creative with the ways that you involve students, staff and visitors. Rather than being a scare tactic it could be a great project set to students, especially design classes, to see how they would interpret this current climate to put a fun twist on it.

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